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We got tired of every blog having peoples life story before you could get to the recipe. Sorry Karen, we don't care. We have a very brief blurb at the top of the page that just explains each recipe that you can just skip right over. Besides that we are straight to the point, which is food!

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We offer a wide variety of recipes from keto/low carb, pork, beef, chicken, and low sodium recipes.
We release a new recipe weekly just to keep everything fresh and keep you full of ideas. Nothing better than not having to think after getting home from work and just being able to make something.

Low Carb Recipes

Our meals are low carb and keto friendly. The awesome thing is if you can't eat something you can always just sub it for another vegetable.


Low Sodium Recipes

It isn't just about eating lower sugars and carbs. Large amounts of sodium can cause high blood pressure. We can help you get that in check.


Beef Recipes

Anything from Lettuce wrapped burgers to ground beef casseroles. We have any recipe for any occasion.


Pork Recipes

We have a variety of pork recipes to suit everyone. Whether it is ham, italian sausage, or ribs we have something for you.


Chicken Recipes

We have delicious and quick chicken recipes to help keep you full and healthy.


Have any recipes?!

If you have any recipes you think we would like or would like to add to our collection feel free to share!

Send us an email to with your recipe including how its made, what is in it, and any tips that you have. Unfortunatly to the large number of emails we receive we cannot guaruntee that all submissions will be added but thank you for your help.